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Using the Text Book - October 17, 2019

I spoke about the textbook at the Catechist Meeting, but wanted to highlight a couple of ways that I have used it in a classroom setting.

And check out this creative way to use the text, highlight key concepts, and keep the students engaged:   Creative Approaches to Reading from a Textbook: Clue Cards

1.    Let the children read! It gives them a safe way to participate in the teaching process. Ask for some volunteers and assign them a section so that they know what they are reading and won’t panic when it is their turn. Letting them read also helps them learn vocabulary and keeps the other students engaged because they have to pay attention to when it is their turn.
2.    Recap and Connect – After you finish a section, ask the children some open-ended questions. Your teacher guide usually has some or create your own. Connect what was read to earlier lessons or to things the children have experienced.
Example: After reading about what happens during Confirmation, remind the students about what they learned about baptism and make the connections (anointing with oil, light of Christ (fire)
Help the students connect what they are learning
to life and the lives of the saints.
Also let them do some of the activities in the book
to help them participate and to give you a chance
to regroup.
3.    Do at least one activity in the chapter. Every chapter has questions or an activity for the students to do. Let them pair up, take a moment alone or as a class to answer the question or do the activity. Take time to discuss their answers.  This has several purposes: It gives them a chance to think; it gives you a chance to see what was learned and to regroup before moving forward; and it gives any parents who open the book an opportunity to see that they are doing work and learning.
4.    Read the stuff in the little boxes! Those boxes have vocabulary words, talk about the lives of the saints, or give reminders about important faith concepts.
5.    The book is the GPS for the class. It will help you stay on the right track and keep the class from getting lost. When a lesson takes you off the road don’t be afraid to go on those small detours to share more about a saint or how we live out the lessons taught. Just remember to find your way back on course!