Monday, March 17, 2014

Mardi Gras and the Magic of Marco

We celebrated Mardi Gras a few days early at St. Mary's and had a great time doing it.  On Sunday, March 2nd following the 10:30am Mass, over 50 children and their parents gathered in Walsh Hall for some snacks and pre-Lent feasting. After the french toast sticks were all gone, everyone gathered to hear about the traditions of Mardi Gras from Fr. Trinidad and then we were all treated to the Magic of Marco. Marco had everyone engaged with his sleight of hand tricks and his humor.  During the show, we all learned a magic trick and were astounded by his ability to make things disappear and reappear. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest adult had a great time.
We hope you will join us this Sunday, March 23 for our Noah's Ark adventure with Animal Experiences and their Live Animal Show.

Noah's Ark Family Gathering

Next Sunday, March 23 after the 10:30am Mass join us in Monsignor Walsh Hall for the telling of the Story of Noah’s Ark along with a visit from Animal Experiences with their Live Animal Show. Snacks and beverages will be served. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Confirmation Retreat

Candidates building the Kingdom of God
with pasta and marshmallows
The Confirmation candidates took some time to reflect and think about their faith during their Confirmation retreat on January 18, which was held at the Archdiocesan Youth Retreat Center in Kearny. The retreat was led by 4 of our very own young people, who have been working since the middle of December to prepare witness talks and activities. Kieran Baguiwet, April Klecak, Rosalina Perez, and Sarah Roselli each spoke about their faith and how they have built a relationship with Jesus. After each witness talk, the candidates had the opportunity to discuss their faith with one another in small groups. They also talked about their gifts and talents and how they can help build the Kingdom of God here on earth.  A retreat is a great time of reflection. The candidates took advantage of the opportunity during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and after which when they wrote letters to themselves about where they hope to grow in their faith. The presence of the Holy Spirit was truly with the entire group during this day.
Candidates writing letters to themselves about
how they hope to grow closer to God during this next year.

A Look Back at a Great Start to the New Year

There were a lot of events in January and February to keep us all busy despite the cold temperatures outside.

Our Family Event for the month of January was a big hit with everyone. Following the 10:30am Mass, we gathered for bagels and juice and were treated to some storytelling by Fr. Trinidad. We all gathered around a nice big rug and settled in as Fr. Trinidad brought the stories of the Old Testament to life.

A little snow couldn't stop the almost 200 people from attending our Family Bingo Night held on Saturday, January 25. Whether you won or lost, everyone had a great time playing along. There were a lot of great snacks brought and shared with one another. It was another great opportunity for us to come together as a community and parish family.

Fr. Trinidad has helped bring the learning outside the classroom by bringing some of our classes on a tour of the church and chapel. Each class gets to learn a little more about the Mass and what happens during the liturgy and other celebrations of the sacraments. 

In the beginning of January, the 8th Grade began a video bible series called Encounter and have been journeying through the Old Testament to learn how we can encounter God in our own lives. Through learning more about scripture the 8th Graders are able to better understand what God has in store for them. After each video segment, the students have a chance to share about what they learned and apply it to their lives.  Check out this clip from the first episode:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

7th Grade Retreat Night

On Sunday, March 2, 2014, we will be doing something a little different for the 7th Grade students. Instead of attending class from 9-10:15am, all 7th Graders will meet in Walsh Hall from 5-7:00pm for a mini-retreat.
This mini-retreat will give them an opportunity to engage in their faith in a different way and will allow them to begin learning how to live out their faith. This night will focus on their relationship with God and how he helps us to know his love in our lives.

We ask that each student be in attendance for this night, which will be led by our Peer Leadership Team, a team of high school students.  Your child does not need their book for this night and we ask that before coming, please be sure that your child eats dinner, as we will only be having snacks during the mini-retreat.