Thursday, December 12, 2019

Bambinelli Sunday – Don’t Forget to Bring Jesus!

On Sunday, December 15th during the 10:30AM Mass, we invite all of our families to take part in our Bambinelli Sunday. Each year, on the Third Sunday of Advent, children gather with their families in St. Peter's Square for "Bambinelli Sunday." The children bring with them figures of the Baby Jesus - the Bambinelli - from their family's Nativity scene. During the noontime prayer, the pope blesses the children and the figurines they have brought.

While, we might not have the pope here to bless our Bambinelli, we will have Fr. Tom, who will bless the figurines of the Baby Jesus and all who gather with us. Following the Mass, we will also have a special blessing of our outdoor Nativity scene.
So don't forget to bring your Bambinello with you! 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Advent Wreath Prayers

Blessing the Advent Wreath with Children

Dear Jesus, as we light the candle(s) on this Advent wreath, may the light of your presence bring joy to our hearts. Bless our family and our friends, and be with all those who are in need this holiday season. Amen.

Week 1, Hope
Dear Jesus, you are the hope in our messy world. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what’s really important. We place our hope in you as we prepare our hearts to celebrate your birth on Christmas. Amen.
Week 2, Peace
Dear Jesus, you entered our world on Christmas as the Prince of Peace. This Advent, as we strive to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, fill us with a deep and abiding peace. Help us share that peace with everyone we encounter, especially those who need it most. Amen.
Week 3, Joy
Dear Jesus, help us focus on you during this busy season. May we stay aware of the joy you bring into our lives. We want to find you in the everyday moments and come with hearts of gratitude to your manger on Christmas. Amen.
Week 4, Love
Dear Jesus, may the light of your love always shine in our hearts. As Christmas draws closer, we marvel at your great love for us. Let your love transform every aspect of our lives and touch everyone we encounter. Our hearts are open to you, Jesus. Amen.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We Wish You A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Thanks for Blessings Past and Present

Lord God, we gather around this table to humbly thank You for all that You have given us this past year – not just what is on this table, but who is sitting around this table. Thank you for life and laughter, for health and happiness, for relationships and memories. Thank you, too, for the lessons learned and the tears we’ve cried because of Your ability to grow us through them. Thank You for Your comfort and Your presence, in light of good days and bad. Thank You for what we have now, for what we had yesterday, and for what You will continue to give tomorrow. Let us never take that for granted, but to always be grateful for every good and perfect gift that comes from You. May we have hearts full of thanksgiving not only today but every day of our lives. We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Amen. 
- Cindy McMenamin

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

St. Mary’s Religious Education
Family Gathering
Sunday, November 10th
Join us for a
Box of Joy Packing Party
in Monsignor Walsh Hall after the
10:30AM Mass

Families will fill individual boxes with items generously donated by our parishioners. The boxes will be shipped to children in Catholic Missionaries in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala & Nicaragua and very well may be the only Christmas gifts they receive.  
Breakfast Will Be Served

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Please Help to Fill a Box of Joy
Help us brighten the lives of poor children who have never experienced the joy of receiving a Christmas gift.

On November 10th, at our Family Gathering, our Religious Education Families will hold a “Packing Party” to produce what is called a “Box of Joy”.  (Yes, this is early but the boxes need to be shipped out mid November) These shoebox size boxes will be filled with small gifts to be sent to Catholic missionaries in Haiti, Guatemala, Nicarágua and the Dominican Republic as Christmas gifts for the children.
Over the coming weeks we ask that you select an item or items from the list below and deposit in the bin in the back of the church by Sunday, November 3rd.  Items may also be brought to the Parish Center Office during office hours.  We certainly would welcome your organization joining forces with us to help fill these boxes to the max!  Questions?  Call Diane at 973 235-1100.

Suggested Items List

Handheld Toys                                                                    
Small plush animals
Small balls (tennis, etc.)
Ball (deflated) with pump
Cars / Trucks 

Mini puzzle
Finger puppets
Silly Putty
Bean bag / Hacky sack
Unopened fast food toys
Harmonica, kazoo or other small instrument
Jump rope
Yo-yo, Slinky
Mini board games, Balloons
Craft kit (beads, elastic, etc.) Pom-poms

Pencils, colored pencils, solar calculator, sharpener
Small board books, erasers
Pencil case, crayons, pens, markers, ruler Glue stick (no liquid) safety scissors, coloring books, notepads
Self-inking stamp
Flash cards

Please seal in a Ziploc-Style bag (No chocolates)

Shorts, Underwear, T-shirts
Flip flops, bandanas, hats shoelaces, plastic poncho

Comb / Brush
Forks & Spoons
Cup / Bottle with lid
Bar Soap
Toothpaste (in the box) Toothbrush and floss bandages
Hand wipes (no gels) Tissues
Lip balm
Manicure kit
Nail clippers / Emery board

Purse or wallet, sunglasses, necklace
Hair ribbons
Hair / Head bands, barrettes, bracelets

Sewing kit
LED keychain
Duct tape
No-battery flashlight
Drawstring bag

Monday, October 7, 2019

St. Mary’s Faith Formation Program
Family Gathering

Sunday, November 10th

Join us for a
Box of Joy Packing Party

in Monsignor Walsh Hall after the
10:30AM Mass

Families will fill individual boxes with items generously donated by our parishioners

The boxes will be shipped to children in Catholic Missionaries in the
 Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala & Nicaragua
and very well may be the only Christmas gifts they receive

Breakfast Will Be Served

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Registration for Families who Attended Class Last Year
Registration emails were sent out in the middle of June for Grades K-8. Please use the link in the email to register for Faith Formation Classes on Sundays (9-10:15am) or Tuesdays (3:45-5pm).
The cost for 1 Child is $130, the cost for 2 or more is $160.

Registration for our Confirmation Program (9th Grade) was emailed out in the middle of July.  Please use the link in the email to register for our Confirmation Classes which are held twice a month on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm.  The cost of the program is $135.

Students in Grade 2 should be registered for classes on Sunday or Tuesday as well as our Sacrament Program for First Penance & First Holy Communion.  First Penance takes place in December 2019 and First Communions will take place in May of 2020.  The fee for this program is $90.

Registration for New Families
If you know of any families with children starting 1st Grade in the fall, let them know about our program!  Children should begin attending classes in Grade 1, so that they can begin the two-year period of preparation for 1st Penance & 1st Holy Communion in Grade 2. New Families need to register by coming into the Parish Center (Monday-Thursday 9-4pm or by appointment)

If you know of anyone who has been away from religious education for a few years or has not yet gotten their child started in Faith Formation, have them call or email Anthony Armando.  Together, we can put together a plan to get them on track.

We Need Your Gifts & Talents
Our catechists are the heart of our program and we are so grateful for the time and talent that they give to the children of our parish. We need your help and support to provide quality religious education and provide the best classroom experience possible for our 400 students. We are looking for people who are willing to serve and share their faith as a Catechist or an Assistant Catechist. You do not need to be a theologian, you just need a servant's heart and a love for God, we can help you with the rest! If you are nervous about doing it alone, ask a friend and you can teach together as a team!!  We will equip you with the tools to help you pass on the faith and to help the students in your class. In addition to the rewards of sharing your faith and helping our parish, you will also receive a $50.00 discount off of the registration fee.