Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Year, New Ways of Learning for Grades 6, 7, & 8

It is the goal of our Religious Education program to introduce our children and their parents to a life giving relationship with Jesus and provide them with the opportunities to experience His love, peace, and joy.  We hope that the catechesis that goes on in each classroom allows our students to better understand and experience God's love and mercy in new ways.

As the second half of the school year kicks off, the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade students will deepen their knowledge of Jesus through a new set of programs in their classes.

Grade 6 will be learning more God and his love for his people as they learn salvation history through the scripture focused  Encounter Bible Study program from Ascension Press. 

Grade 7 will focus on the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark in T3: They Kingdom Come Bible Study from  Ascension Press.

Grade 8 will be looking at how they are called into a relationship with the God who created them and loves them and calls them to live out that love. Using the Chosen series, also from Ascension Press, they will focus on the core elements of our Catholic faith.  

We hope that these DVD based lessons will challenge the students to think about who they are, how they are called to live as disciples of Christ and how they play a role in God's kingdom. 

Check it out and see what our students will be learning about this year!

Grade 6 - Encounter Bible Series

Grade 7 - T3: Thy Kingdom Come: Study of the Gospel of Matthew
  Grade 8 - Chosen Program