Sunday, April 22, 2018


This Sunday and Tuesday are the final classes for our Religious Education school year for Grades K-8.  For the past eight months, our students have been learning about our Catholic Faith and Traditions from our wonderful staff of volunteer catechists.  
Here is quick rundown of our program:

 443 Students in Grades K-8
245 Returning Families 
75 New Families in Religious Education

88 First Communion Children
58 Confirmation Candidates

40 Volunteer Catechists
15 Youth Aides

So what do all these numbers mean? I believe they mean, we have a great opportunity to share our faith with our young people so that they can receive the Good News of Christ in their lives. I believe that these numbers also mean that there is a true hunger for faith, a thirst for understanding, and a desire for living a life of meaning.  I also believe that these numbers mean that we are truly blessed at St. Mary's. It is our sincere hope that we can be a welcoming and caring parish community where all people experience Christ's love, joy and peace.