Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Final Classes - Tuesday, April 2 and Sunday, April 7

We have reached the end of our Faith Formation year! During the past 25 classes, we hope that your child has had the opportunity to learn more about God's great gift to us, Jesus! We hope that by learning more about Jesus, they have been able to develop a relationship with him. Through a relationship with Jesus, we hope that our students discover who God has truly created them to be, how they are called to live, and how they are called to share their gifts and talents. We hope that in all that we do, we prepare them to be "disciples", those who are sent out to share the Good News of Jesus and the hope, peace, love and joy that he offers each of us.
I am especially grateful at this time of year (No...not because we have our last class) I am grateful to all of our parents and students for making faith a priority in their families. I am grateful to our volunteer staff of catechists, who pass on our faith. And lastly, I am grateful that we have our faith to sustain us in times of difficulty and to celebrate in times of joy.

Although classes are coming to an end, we encourage you to continue being active here at St. Mary's. 
  • The Children's Liturgy at the 10:30am Mass will continue
    throughout the spring and summer (with just a few weeks hiatus in May for 1st Communions).  
  • Our Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at 2:15pm led by our high school youth group members is a great way to focus on Jesus' passion, death and resurrection.
  • In June, we will have our St. Anthony's Kid's Fest to celebrate another wonderful year at St. Mary's
You can like and follow us on Facebook or check out our redesigned Parish Website to see all that we are doing.

Our Online Registration for 2019/2020 will begin in June, emails will be sent out with instructions on how to register.