Monday, April 17, 2017

April Updates

Religious Education Program
We are down to our last few weeks of class for Grades K-8 for the 2016-17 school year.  A few updates and reminders as we wind down the year:
Remaining Class Schedule:
Sunday: April 23 & 30
Tuesday: April 25
Confirmation: April 20 & May 11
  • Rice Bowl boxes should be returned this week. All of the funds that are collected will be sent to Catholic Relief Services to help provide food for those most in need.
  • Registration forms will not be handed out at the final class.  We will update you on the process for registering for classes for 2017-18 in the next week. We will be sending an email home and posting the information here and in the bulletin.  Formal Religious Education should begin in Grade 1 and continue through Confirmation in Grade 9. Faith formation deepens each year, so that by the time our students are preparing for Confirmation, they will have gained the knowledge needed for them to live as true disciples of Christ.
  • We are looking for volunteers for next year. We need your help to keep our program strong. Each year, we are looking to do more for our children, but we need your help. Being a catechist gives you the opportunity to deepen your own faith and live out your call to share the good news of Jesus with the children of our parish.  You do not need to be a theologian, you just need a servants heart and a desire to serve, we can help you with the rest! If you are nervous about doing it alone ask a friend and you can teach together as a team!!  

First Holy Communions Schedule:
May 6 (5:30pm) & May 7 (10:30 & 12 Noon)
May 14 (12 Noon)
May 20(5:30pm) & May 21 (10:30 & 12 Noon)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017